Come to think of it...

2012-11-25 20:17:56 by Johnny

Does anyone even realize I'm not around?


2011-09-12 16:43:58 by Johnny

Just seems like I can't find the desire to get back into Flash. I kind of sit outside of the community at this point, as a lot of life things are overshadowing any hobbies.

I probably have the wrong mindset for it anyway. With the exception of video games, everything I do needs to have a monetary end goal in order for me to prioritize it.

Seeing as how, in my entire Flash 'career,' I've made right around 17 cents, I don't feel like it's a great investment for me, unless there was guaranteed money at the end of the tunnel. (i.e. a contract job)

Once the baby pops out in November, things may change. I imagine finding myself alone, late at night, waiting for the baby to go back to sleep and needing something to occupy my time and my brain. Flash might fill that void.

I'd need to reference a bunch of material to write even the most simple snippet. I hope it's like riding a bike.

Massacre Collab redux

2010-01-03 18:36:26 by Johnny

I've posted the second and final concept for the Massacre collab.

Join up! It'll be fun!
Massacre Collab

Massacre Collab

2010-01-01 23:13:52 by Johnny

For those that signed up or were interested, I reworked it slightly, had the mods delete the original post, and will be posting the new format in the next day or two.

Christmas Game

2009-12-18 23:11:59 by Johnny

With under 9 days to go I decided to do a game before Christmas. Partly, to get something in for the contest (which was extended til 2nd week in January, but on a Christmas game, submitting after Christmas is just silly) and party to see if I could do it. I generally do my best work under pressure. I stay more focused than normal under those conditions.

Art + Programming + Custom soundtrack on a full featured game in 9 days. I'm well into it now, and it's looking bright... but I'm starting to get scared. I get called into work for snow overtime once, I'm fucked I think.

I'll live, sleep and breath what I'm doing, while under pressure. (regarldess of the medium) Anyone else like that?

Wish me luck! It's turning out great so far. Adorable as hell.

Primsmatca II and Maple Massacre incoming.

2009-11-26 14:53:11 by Johnny

Prismatica II is at the point now where I only need to finish up some of the boring things (design a splash page ect.. ect) and find some sponsors and that beast is ready to release. I'm kind of excited to release it, mainly because there are some other things that I want to move onto now, but want to finish that up first.

I also think it's a pretty cool sequel.

Maple Massacre is the brainchild of a friend and myself. He's doing the art, which will be about equivelant to something between 4 and 8 bit pixel art. It will have a nice retro feel, but with a nice humorous twist.

Plot synopsis: You're a giant Maple tree, protecting your forest by flinging razor sharp leaves and decapitating on increasingly difficult brigade of flannel clad lumberjacks.

Think Space Invaders with blood and front end loaders.

The groundwork and all the basic programming are done for that as well, just waiting on a few more art assets and I can tidy everything up.


I'm back.

2009-11-01 11:34:09 by Johnny

Last submission: Rhythm Explosion
Date Submitted: 07/15/2007

Are you kidding me?? Over 2 years ago? What the hell is my problem? This has got to stop. I need to be productive. I need to stop being so damned lazy. I need to stop procrastinating.

Newest project: Prismatica II
Date started: September 12th, 2008

Again... are you kidding me? It's only 1059 lines of code and the game is almost finished. I'm still working on it, and it's taken me over a year? Why? Anyone? Why?

Posts on the forums of the community I love has been abysmal. I'm trying. I'm trying.

I need to stop dodging the things I love, in lieu of things that are easy.

I have some games to make.

Two games by the end of the year. You guys stay on my ass to make that happen.